brushless motor 2 Understanding The Working Of  Tools With Brusless MotorsBrushless motor Tool technology is not so new but recently it has become very popular in power tool industry due to some releases of power tools by Dewalt , Makita and others.

Brushless Motors have evolved in industrial projects to drive conveyers  But Makita was the first company to introduce them in power tools. It was first used for Defence and Aerospace industry in 2003. Then in 2009 it was introduced in impact driver with 3 speed motor. Brushless tools have gained reputation in adding performance and durability.

brushless motor tools Understanding The Working Of  Tools With Brusless Motors

How Brushless Motors Work

In Brushless motors, there are no brushes nor commutators. Also the position of windings and magnets are reversed. The copper windings of armature are fixed and attached  to the shaft and the magnets are on the motor shaft. A small circuit coordinates the power to the windings.

The reason the companies market these as “smart power  tools” because electronics communicate directly with the stationary windings and the tool functions according to the task. Which means the tool automatically senses the level of resistance from the object its being used on and pulls only required charge from the battery.  So it adjusts itself according to the type of material used in the project.

As the copper windings are outside the motor configuration, brushless motors can be more powerful as there is more space to make them larger. Voltage drop and friction is much lesser than brushed motors as brushes create friction and a little resistance which causes continuous drop of energy. 

Brushless motor tools are more efficient and durable. With all the benefits of brushless motor technology, the manufacturing of such tools increases the cost. So they are best suited for pros then week end DIYers.


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