Hammer is usually used to drive nails into wood or concrete, which is a hand tool that is doing the job reliably for decades. But when you have to push hundreds of nails in a very short time, hammers fall well short of the challenge. That’s why modern craftsmen buy air tools like nailers or nail guns to perform this task.


A high quality power nailer can drive hundreds and even thousands of nails in a single day. Nailers come under the category of cordless tools that have gained massive popularity in last few years because of their ergonomic design and portability. And that’s exactly why even expert craftsmen have started to buy cordless tools like power nailers and drills.


Type of Nailers


Basically, there are only two types of nailers. We can separate them on the basis of nails they use and magazine type. 

Coil Style Nailers

In this type of nailers, the nails are stored in a round-shaped magazine attached to the nailer. The magazine contains long and flexible strand of nails that is connected by a wire. Capacity of nails depends upon the size of the magazine but, generally it contains 300 nails. Magazine rolls as you pull the trigger to shoot a nail. 

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Stick Style Nailers 

As the name suggests, stick style nailers use a long slender assembly of nails that fits in a long magazine. These nails are assembled by a thin layer of wire, paper or plastic. These nail sticks come in different sizes that range from 20 to 40 inches. 

 Bostitch N62FNK 2 Types of Nailers & Safety Tips


Just like other power tools, power nailers can pose a physical threat if not used correctly. Here is an easy to follow safety protocol that will keep you and the people around you safe and secure. 

  • Inspect your power nailer before performing a task.
  • If the tool is behaving in an unusual manner, or there is a funny noise coming out of it, stop using it immediately and get it checked by a professional expert. Get it repaired or replaced, if necessary.
  • Be a smart craftsman and adhere to the instructions provided in the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Occupational Safety & Health Organization (OSHA) recommends safety glasses when using a power nailer, wear those glasses every time.
  • Do not try to alter your power nailer in any way. It can result in physical or property damage.
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