1. Right Tool For Your Project

Don’t misuse a power tool as it can be hazardous. It is very important to use an appropriate power tool that fits your job requirements. A manufacturer will always provide outlines and guidelines about the tasks that tool is made for in the owner’s manual. 

2. Read Instructions carefully

Before you start using the tool, you must read all instruction included in the user manual whether you are experienced in using such tools. Specification for various models differ from each other and similarly risk factors can also vary from model to model. For example, different safety rules apply to electric power tools as compared to pneumatic power tools. Same applies to cordless and corded tools. By reading instruction manuals, you can learn safety tips and how to operate a particular tool. 

3.ON / OFF Switch

Even though now days, most of the tools are designed with utilities to avoid any accident. But even then you must make it a practice to keep your figures away from the ON / OFF switch while handling these tools.  When transporting the tool from one place to another never position your figures on the power switch. If there is a safety lock switch available, make sure its is engaged when the tool is not in use.

4. Disconnect Power Tools

Many users keep their tools plugged in all the time so they dont have to plug it again and again. It is a better practice to keep your tool disconnected when its not in use. Also when you are servicing your tool, it must be unplugged.  

5. Right Clothes

When using power tools of any kind, never wear baggy clothes or anything that can get tangled or snagged in the tool.  Similarly, long hair should be tied back and no jewellery that dangle loose.  Wear hard hats, dust masks and other protective gear. 

6. Protect Eyes

Wear safety goggles at all times to protect your eyes from debris.

Use Power Tools Safely


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