2014 is now a part of our past and the power tool technology has advanced even further putting tradesmen, craftsmen and laborers into a more convenient position. In the beginning of this new year, the team at ToolOrbit wants to take a look back at tools that proved to be best during the last year. It’s really a difficult task to choose a certain category so we decided to go with one of the most popular categories of drills. 

ToolOrbit’s team feels that 2014 was all about brushless drills as they replaced the ones with the brushes at a quick pace. It was a good year for those who buy cordless tools every now and then. We made our choices taking following attributes into account: 

  • Convenience of Use
  • Performance
  • Price


Bosch DDS181 01 lg ToolOrbit’s Choice of Best Drills of 2014

We know that a newer model DDS182 has been released but DDS181 came out on top simply because of the price to performance ratio. This power drill uses a brushed motor and was released quite a while back but those factors have contributed in the reduction of its price by quite a considerable amount turning it into an extremely tempting contender for those who aren’t looking for a powerhouse. 

It is one of those cheap power tools that you will enjoy for years. Its comfortable grip, more-than-satisfactory performance and a mouth watering price makes it the best power drill of 2014. 


Milwaukee 2603 22CT lg ToolOrbit’s Choice of Best Drills of 2014

Packing the latest technological marvel of powerful brushless motor assembly, 2603-22CT automatically catapults itself into top choices. It delivers amazingly high torque with a battery that lasts forever. This powerhouse of a machine is aimed at professionals who want every bit of power but still has a compact footprint with great ergonomics and light weight. All these factors add to the “convenience of use” as lighter tools can be used for a longer period of time without getting fatigued or tired. 

If you are looking for a power drill that really packs a punch then brush all of your thoughts aside and buy Milwaukee 2603-22CT with closed eyes. You’re welcome.

3.       RYOBI ONE+

We are entirely aware of the fact that Ryobi One+ drills are not best performers but this range, including power drills, has got all the ingredients that suits the needs of Do It Yourselfers and casual handymen. If you are looking to build your own power tool kit in a long run, then it’s a perfect choice for you, however, if the price is the only factor then you would be happier with Bosch’s DDS181 or even DDS182. 

Apart from the above models we would also like to mention DeWalt’s 12 Volt range which impressed us quite a bit and Hitachi’s DS18DSAL also remained the center of our consideration. 

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