Bosch 4100 09 lg Best Table Saws – Part IIBosch’s Gravity Rise Table Saw

Bosch is known for building a pretty gorgeous power tool and their 4100-09 worksite table saw is no exception. This is a tool with no real parallel – a tool that offers superior features and totally ethereal performance. With its patented Gravity Rise technology and Bosch’s standard of excellence in design and functionality, the table saw delivers mouth watering results and super-smooth operation.

To start, the saw is made around an effective 15-Amplifier motor delivering 3,650 rotation per minute. This enables you to get involved with assembling your shed with total confidence inside your saw’s capability to finish it. The 4100-09 can also be constructed with a seriously heavy-duty construction. It’s durable and particularly made to withstand the inevitable struggles of job site existence. Mixing form and performance, the saw can also be covered having a powder fresh paint finish. It makes sense an excellent searching tool with at the maximum durability.

Despite offering such a heavy-duty construction, the 4100-09 is also surprisingly portable. The tool’s enhanced collapsible design make transportation simple and stress-free while also virtually eliminating a crater constant struggle with storage and space requirements.

The table saw’s patented Gravity-Rise wheeled stand is smooth and simple to operate. It’s also incredibly sturdy and, due to wheels, allow clients to move the saw and stand together if you don’t take apart its set-up. The stand’s unique ease-of-use makes view of set-up and take lower a more compact amount daunting and, thank you to threaded wheels, the tool maneuvers easily throughout struggle site conditions.

Designed with uncommon power, precision and authority, the table saw is built to bring craftsmen an accurate and unrelenting table saw, one that moves with you and works until the job is done. The Gravity Rise stands additionally ups the ante with simple and total reliability. Altogether, Bosch’s 4100-09 is a terrific portable table saw with the guts to work harder and the bells and whistles to do it accurately.

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