plastidip ur car Steps To Plastidip Your CarIt is very easy and simple to Plastidip your car with Plasti-dip Multipurpose Rubber Coating Spray. Just follow the instructions very carefully and your project quality will be great.


  1.  Find a place which is big enough to place the car and has good ventilation area. Usually an open garage is suitable but if not possible then select a shaded area to work.
  2. Collect and gather all the material required for this project.
  3. Since Plastidip is an overlay, you must clean the surface of your car as it will form a layer on top of your car body. So Plastidip will form a layer on top of raised surfaces and dirt
  4. After washing the car surface, make sure you dry it with a suitable terry cloth. Avoid using t-shirts with logos or paper towels. These create scratched on the surface.
  5. Even though Plastidip is easy to be removed but it is advisable to prepare the area which helps to save time.
  6. It is suggested with any spray-on material, the can should be shaken vigorously for 1 to 7 minutes so the material is mixed well.
  7. It is always better to work in sections as it allows the previously spray area to dry faster. For example start with the first layer on the hood, then when you are done, you can work on other part of the car.  Do not touch Plastidip at any point when its not dry completely. It is recommended to wear gloves and eye protection even though Plastidip is safe when its dry. 
  8. It is important that the first layer is light because it acts like a bonding layer with the car surface.  The first layer transparency should be 50% to 60%. This helps other layers to stick to the body of the car.Hold the can six to eight inches away from the surface and spray in a smooth motion. Allow Plastidip to dry for 15 to 30 minutes depending on the weather.      
  9. To increase the durability of Plastidip depends on number of layers on top of the first layer. The average number of layers of Plastidip is 4 to 5 layers. You can increase it according to your satisfaction. Always spray in a sweeping motion and make sure to hold the can 6 to 8 inches away from the working surface. Allow each layer to dry for 15 to 30 minutes.
  10. Remove immediately what ever painters tape or newspaper is used during the process before Plastidip dries off.
  11. At this point avoid any kind of moisture or liquid as it will destroy Plastidip curing process.

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