table saw safety Safety Tips For Table SawMost of the woodworkers who use electric power tools use table saws, so Table Saw safety is very important for them. This is a very powerful but yet very dangerous too and lot of personal injury is caused during an accident. Many problems can be avoided as Table saw has been in use for many years. . Here are some safety tips that can definitely help you to avoid any accidents or personal injury.

No gloves while operating table saw. There are several reasons but the the most important one is loosing feeling and gripping power.  And sometime they are big in size.

Keep the floor in front of the saw clean. If the floor is not clean from chips or saw dust, there are chances you might slip and bang your head against hard material and cause injury.

 Wear eye & ear protection. You need to protect your eyes from flying chips or debris. Regular eye wear cannot help to protect your eyes. You should also protect your ears as you can cause loss of hearing which cannot be reversed.

Do not wear long sleeves or jewellery. Any of these items can get caught in the running blade of the table saw. .

Stand firmly to maintain good balance. If you are cutting a long stock which requires several steps, it is very import that you have good balance and the floor is not slippery.

Use a push stick. It is always important to maintain a 6″ distance between the blade and your hand will using table saw to avoid your handing getting too close to the blade..

Body NOT in line with the blade. Always position your body in such a way that it keeps you out of the line of kickbacks. Plus it helps to protect your face from the sawdust.

Always turn off the table saw and wait till the blade stops before changing the blade or doing maintenance. 

Make sure the blade is turning FREE before turning on the power to avoid any kickbacks. 

Keep your working table clean and smooth so that the saw moves smoothly

Use zero clearance inserts. These reduce the chance of slender cuts dropping into the lower part of the blade and making the round trip to speed by your head. They also reduce splintering in cuts.

 Throat insert removed. Never operate the table saw while the throat insert is removed.

Check stock for nails, knots, screws, or stones. Such items may cause injury if get caught up with the blade.

Do not adjust the fence while the table saw is running.

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