If you are looking to buy power tools then it would be a sin not to consider refurbished tools. The word “refurbished” scares away many serious buyers because it has a negative ring to it that gives an entirely wrong perception of “low quality” or “defected”. This isn’t what refurbished power tools are all about.


So what are refurbished tools? These are the tools that pick up a minor or trivial technical defect or a cosmetic/design fault while leaving the assembly line but are sent to the retail market where the problems are identified. Retailers then send these defected items back to the manufacturer where the quality assurance department leaves no stone unturned to assess and inspect the item.

Issues are diagnosed and are fixed with highest quality and performance standards in mind. In other words, these tools are restored to give the benchmark performance. They are meticulously tested and retested until the manufacturer is dead sure about the quality. Manufacturer then resends these tools to the market where they sold with a tag of “refurbished tools” as they are technically not “new” anymore. Prices are slashed heavily when compared to the new tools.


Now, obviously new tools give amazing performance but refurbished tools are fabricated to produce benchmark level performance so you get the best out of your power tool. As these tools are heavily tested so they are less prone to catch a fault or defect. There is also a solid chance of these tools performing reliably in tougher and harsh environments, may it be work or climatic.

It means that you aren’t getting a new tool but something much better than new. Just make sure that you are getting your refurbished tools from well known brands like Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch, DeWalt, Porter Cable, and Delta etc.


It doesn’t matter if you are exploring the market for woodworking power tools or cordless tools, you will find all refurbished tools being sold at heavy discounts with razor thin margins for the manufacturer. In a way, by giving relief to its customers manufacturers are acknowledging their mistake of letting out a defective unit in the market. Now, it’s your job to grab this wonderful opportunity and get the full value for every dollar you spend.


Refurbished tools are not new but renowned manufacturers still give a limited time warranty to assure the customers that these tools are free from any kind of defects and that they had made sure that you get the best of the best. So, if you are out in the market to buy power tools, you may want to take a look at refurbished tools.

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