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Where can I get examples for making a metal coated wooden box?

I need to make a suggestion box for my school student council. I have a design, and we originally planned to make the box from metal, but my school shut down its metal shop a few years ago and the auto shop cant help me. My friend has some metal and tools, but I’m concerned it might turn out too thin or look bad if we build it. The woodshop teacher said he would help me, so I thought he could help me make it from wood, and we could cover it in metal, with no gaps so it looks like it actually is metal, then I could paint the design on it.

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ToolOrbit Answers:

Maybe you could cover the large flat areas with sheet metal and cover the corners with drip edge (get it at lowes etc.) then it would appear to be made of metal.. You would need a pneumatic staple gun or similar to shoot staples through the drip edge to fasten it down, or use nails that look like rivets. You can find some great pneumatic tools at



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