power tools technology Power tools Technological AdvancementIf you are still using your old wooden hammer to drive nails into your walls, then it is about time that you invest in some power tools. Contrary to common belief that such tools are just useful to the construction industry and professionals, power tools are also great upgrades for the tools you have at home that you often use when you have some diy projects. Try to visit a hardware store today and you will be surprised at how much advancement these tools have gone through in terms of technology. Most can be operated without that dangling cord that intervenes and gets tangled on objects and most have become smaller in size yet more powerful and efficient. These are important qualities of a tool because it affects the quality of the workmanship too.

To give you a glimpse of the latest advancement in power tools technology, here are some gadgets that you may want to own.

Battery-Powered Nail Guns

As a solution to wooden or pneumatic nail guns, the newest model to come out is the battery-powered nail gun. A cordless nail gun can be operated without the annoying noise and hassle of air compressors. It speeds up the nailing job, allowing you to drive hundreds or thousands of nails each day, and delivers nails precisely on the spot that you want. They are battery operated and are also rechargeable. There are different kinds of nail guns available today, each designed for specific types of jobs. They also have great features, like an adjustable depth controller. Lastly, cordless nail guns remove the aches and pains that you often feel in your arms after a day of incessant hammering.

Electric Paint Roller

Conventional paint rollers require that you dip the roller in a tray of paint, glide it on a wall or ceiling and go back and forth. Not only is this tiresome, there is also a tendency that you may spill paint as you move the roller on the walls. Electric paint rollers are the newest technology available today. It has a canister that will hold the paint and a hose that delivers the paint straight to the roller. All you have to do is glide the roller until the job is done. If there is leftover paint, you can pump it right back to the can. All these allow for a convenient, speedy and mess-free paint job that will also make you save on paint.

Power Sanders

Traditional sanders used to be so bulky that you have to handle it forcefully with both hands as it operates. Power sanders nowadays have become smaller and can easily be maneuvered with just one hand. Even with the decrease in size, they are still powerful tools that provide quality results at a quicker pace.

These are just some of the technologically advanced power tools in the market today. Comparing it to traditional models, it is obvious that the focus of manufacturers have been to produce smaller, lighter, smarter, more powerful and more convenient tools whilst at the same time resulting in better quality workmanship. These tools are also designed so that they can be used by both professionals and amateurs. The advancement in power tools does not stop here and soon the market will be further amazed by new models to hit the tool shelves.

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