safety1 Power Tool Safety Tips For WorkplacePower Tool Safety Tips For Workplace

Power tools like pneumatic nailers, impact wrench and drivers make many project task easier and produce better results. These power tools have gained the value in work places so much due to their efficiency and productivity. But at the same time, these power tools pose danger and can be hazardous to the user and others in the same workplace. Usually the user forget and fail to comply with the safety. All users must study & follow safety instructions supplied by the manufacturer. for both corded and cordless tools.

In most organizations, employers are responsible to maintain and provide safe place of environment to work with such power tools and workers are responsible to follow safety rules and maintain power tool.

  • Make sure the work area is clean and properly lit. Dark areas can cause accidents.
  • Do not operate your power tools never explosive or combustible material. .
  • Never carry any power tool by its cord.
  • Never pull the power cord or yank it to disconnect from electric power.
  • Make sure to disconnect the tool when not in use specially when cleaning or charging accessories.
  • Keep people who are only observing the work place, away from the work area.
  • Use proper clamps and vise to secure work objects so you can handle the tool with both hands.
  • Always maintain foot grips and balance.\
  • Always wear proper safety apparel like gloves, jacket and safety glasses..


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