By knowing and choosing the right tool and the right sandpaper, a tedious task can be done properly and quickly. Here are few tips that needs to be carefully followed to produce efficient results

belt sander Portable Belt Sander & Palm Sander Safety Rules

  1. Make sure the belt is correctly mounted. The belt needs to be in the center of the roller. Knob that is used to adjust is on the side of the sander.
  2. Make sure the sanding paper is reusable and is not damaged.
  3. Before plugging the sander, make sure the ON / OFF button is off
  4. Clamp down the object that needs to be worked on.
  5. Make sure that your sanding tool is on full speed before putting on the object.
  6. Before starting sanding process, choose a well-ventilated area.
  7. Use a dust collector to to clean while sanding an object so you will have less debris.
  8. Do not place the sander near the edge of the table. It might fall and get damaged.

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