image5 What Is Plasti dip And Its Application InstructionsPlasti dip is a rubber coating chemical product that is used to plastic coat any finished product. This can be used for either industrial purpose or home decor. Plastidip coating can be removed easily and can be used by anyone as long as instructions are followed properly. It can be applied by spraying, brushing or dipping any object. 

  • The object that is being used for rubber coating process must be clean, dry and grease free. If you are using hand tools to plasti dip, use a wire to hold and dip the tool after every 5 seconds.  Hand Tools must be removed in the same sequence of time while coating process. You can apply multiple coats with a delay of 30 minutes, so that each coat get ample time to dry. You can use multiple color plasti dip to coat your objects.  With Plasti dip process, your tool can be safer from electricity as plasti dip acts as an insulator.
  • Objects that have been well used and have abused rough surface, make sure its clean, dry and grease free with no grimes. Shake your aerosol can enough so the contents of the can mix well. Keep the can 12 to 16 inches away from the object coat the surface till its evenly coated. 1 can is sufficient to coat 12 to 15 square feet of a surface.
  • For brushing application, toluene, naphtha or xylene is used to dilute plasti dip  paint which comes in gallons which makes brushing easier. A bristle brush of high quality must be used to apply plasti dip. When brushing a surface with plasti dip, always coat evenly in 1 direction. Do not move your brush back and forth. Always delay for 30 minutes between each coat and 4 hours before usage.

The main function of coating any object with plasti dip is to protect and increase its shelf life. It can also be used to decorate various objects. It is durable & all weather resistant.

Plasti Dip gallon What Is Plasti dip And Its Application Instructions


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