nailers wall Pin NailersNailers are available in numerous types, and brands. Each type of Nailer has a specific purpose. Some are used for thinner and lighter material while others are used for heavy duty strong material.  Below you will find some common Nailers that are used for day to day projects:


Logo%5CCoil Nailers img Pin NailersRoofing nailers – As the name speaks for itself. The sole purpose is to be used for roofing projects. Their magazine is made to hold large nails.


Logo%5CFraming Nailers img Pin NailersFraming nail guns – These are used for heavier and thicker materials. They are very heavy and big and use 1-4 inches box type nails.


Logo%5CFinish Nailers img Pin NailersFinish nailers – These are also known as pinners meant for light and small material. Therefore the are small and lighter in size. The nails are specialized and rounded so they will hide from any view.


 Logo%5CPin Nailers img Pin NailersHeadless pinners – These are used in projects that require high precision and delicate work. Craftsmen use them for handmade items These pinners use nails or fasteners without heads so they are hidden.


Logo%5CPalm Nailers img Pin NailersPalm nailers – As the name implies, they fit your palm and can be used in narrow places when a bigger power tool cannot fit. These are very handy.


Logo%5CStaplers img Pin NailersStaplers –These are used in very thin or fabric projects. These are crown type and you will not see them in constructional projects.


Knowing the different types of Nailers will help you to decide which one to buy according to the requirement of the project.


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