Usually there is a confusion on deciding what type of sander to buy for the projects. We will try our best to explain why a randomĀ  orbital sander is the best choice than a finishing sander.

best orbital sander Is Orbital Random Sander Better Choice?

The Orbit Random Sander is very ideal and popular in smoothing joints without leaving cross-grain scratches and is very fast. The finishing sander (right)is not very efficient in smoothing joints but is easier to handle.

There is nothing wrong with “Finishing Sander”. They are very inexpensive to use move the sandpaper in thousands of little orbits. They are also very easy handle and operate. Finishing Sander uses standard sand papers.

If you are not very carefull, Orbital Finishing Sander can leave swirls but this can be avoided if sanding down through 180 grits.

But Orbital Sanders works more quickly and aggressively. Because of the circular base spin its creates random sanding pattern which minimizes swirl marks. Due to this speedy random motion it smooths joints

Most of the woodworkers only require 100 to 120 grit paper with their random orbital sander for surfaces that receive a clear finish. But due to its aggressiveness damage the edge of a board. But it does not take much effort to learn how to avoid this.

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