Tradesmen who regularly buy power tools do know about Milwaukee’s M12 Bluetooth Job Site Radio which is a fully functional radio that performs at optimal levels, however its size is something that goes against it because of the unwieldiness and a relatively steep asking price doesn’t help its cause either. To fill that void, Milwaukee has now introduced M12 Job Site Wireless Speaker (2592-20) which has a considerably smaller footprint when it comes to size and has a reasonable price tag of $70. 

2592 20 1 Meet Milwaukee’s New Job Site Wireless Speaker (M12)

Physical Attributes 

Getting a 2592-20 is like buying a discount power tool because of its cheaper price but another big seller could be its modest physical dimensions that give it a height of 5.9 inches, width of 4.1 inches and 4.5 inches of depth. The unit itself weighs less than a kilogram at approximately 730 grams. While one can’t keep it in his pocket, it’s perfectly portable with its compact profile. 

2592-20 also comes with a hook on the back so you can hang it somewhere when you’re travelling or at a job site. You can also lay it down on its flat bottom. 

Integrated Bass Port 

While the dimensions and weight are all well and good, the primary purpose of a speaker is to deliver good sound. If a speaker is all light and pocketable but doesn’t give a decent performance, it’s pretty much useless and that’s where Milwaukee 2592-20 shines. Milwaukee claims that they have specially designed and equipped this model with a 2 inch speaker that also comes with an integrated bass support to give a sound that’s not only loud but free from any kind of distortion and noise as well. 

Connectivity Options 

Besides sound quality, the source from where a speaker can catch music is also a significant aspect of a product of this nature. On that front, 2592-20 comes with Bluetooth connectivity enabling you to stream your music from your smartphone or any other digital device capable of doing so. Speaker can stream music from a smartphone/digital device that’s sitting in a 9 meter radius. 

This model is also equipped with a 3.5mm input jack but the package doesn’t include any cable. However, these cables are cheap and you can buy them from any online store. Apart from that, Milwaukee 2592-20 also has a USB port for charging that’s capable of outputting 2.1 Ampere of power so you can charge your devices in no time. 

 Battery Capacity

This unit doesn’t have a battery included so you will have to purchase one on your own and on one M12 battery charge you will get up to 22 hours of streaming. 

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