When you buy expensive power tools, you expect them to work flawlessly for a long time. It’s an investment you make and you, quite understandably, expect fruitful returns in coming years. That’s why smart laborers and craftsmen buy Makita power tools or other well renowned brands that manufacture high quality products and stand behind their products with limited time warranties.

18mizo7klsoqujpg How To Maintain Your Power Tools

When you pay a price for a power tool, you expect quality and reliability in exchange. But, you are also liable to take care of your products and maintain them accordingly to get the best results out of them.


This is one instruction you read everywhere – on the tool, package, instruction manual, it’s everywhere. If you want your tool to work every time you pick it up, then store it in a clean place that is dry and free from moisture and dust. Moisture causes inner parts to rust and that hampers performance and can result in a damaged tool. Similarly, dust or other dirt can get trapped inside the motor or other parts causing them to slow down or stop working at all.

If you love and buy cordless tools, remember to check the batteries every time for leaks and dripping liquids. If there is anything coming out of them, don’t try to use them at all. Dispose them at your earliest and replace them with original high quality batteries. Excessive heat can cause these leakages, so it’s a good idea to keep batteries in a cool and dry place.


Many people have expensive power tools but they don’t know how to take care of them. Few eager craftsmen and casual hobbyists buy DeWalt power tools that are expensive and then forget to maintain as they don’t use them on regular basis. It’s good to oil your power tools regularly as it keeps the parts running and eliminates the risk of rust forming. Lubes for power tools come at cheap prices so you don’t have to shell out lot of money.


 If an object gets trapped inside the power tool, make sure that the tool is switched off and is disconnected from the power source before taking it apart. Disassemble the tool according to the instructions provided in the manual and then remove the trapped object. Don’t use the tool with the object trapped inside, it can cause damage to your expensive tool and can also cause physical injury on a bad day. 


Read the instruction manuals that come with power tools thoroughly and keep them at a safe place where you can find them easily when you need them. If a problem arises, don’t forget to take a look at the instruction manual and follow the steps religiously. If you are unsure about the issue and how to fix it then it’s better to call the professional/manufacturer who knows their job. 

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