Comes Complete With the foremost widespread Sizes For skilled Electricians

Klein Tools 31630 lg Klein 8 Piece Electrician’s Hole Saw Kit 31630The Klein 8-Piece Electrician’s Hole Saw Kit 31630  is packed to the brim with eight of the foremost required and standard sizes in hole saws and arbors, employed in a day skilled craft. Klein place this kit along, which incorporates a carrying case, to be a stand alone kit that was a whole assortment of the essential sizes that skilled electrician’s can encounter in seventieth or a lot of of the roles they are available to bear with.

The Klein 31630 8- Piece Electrician’s Hole Saw Kit includes eight saw diameters move in size from a 7/8″ Hole Saw, a 1-1/8″ Hole Saw, a  1-3/8″ Hole Saw, a 1-3/4″ Hole Saw, a 2″ Hole Saw, a 2-1/2″ Hole Saw, a 31660 Arbor, and a 31670 Arbor. All items go along with the Klein Tools brand and size decorated in black on the body of the saw piece, and every is colored in Klein’s Tool gray.

The Klein plastic carrying case is enclosed during this kit to stay all eight items along, and that offers a better transportation choice, yet as providing the owner with a straightforward storage answer for all eight items. As for storage during a safe place, the Klein case keeps all the Klein saw holes and arbor parts showing neatness packed  away during a quality created, rust-proof, shaped plastic carrying case. The carrying case additionally includes a list every|of every} tool and directions concerning each items location on the inner lid of the carrying case. Finally, it additionally includes manual directions for the tool’s uses and non-uses.

Klein 8-Piece Electrician’s Hole Saw Kit 31630


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