Any carpenter or tradesman who has worked in a woodworking shop knows how messy it can get in there. More often than not this mess involves different types of glues, adhesives and other sticky stuffs that refuse to come off your expensive woodworking power tools.   

woodworking cat Keeping You Woodworking Tools Clean Using Organic Solutions

Any smart woodworker would know that he can’t leave his tools in that condition as it can heavily affect the performance of the tools. So, what to do in such circumstances? 

Keep Cleaning Solutions in Your Workshop 

As mentioned above, keeping your work environment and tools clean of sticky and gluey substances is an integral part of the craft; you need to keep different types of cleaning solutions in your workshop. These solutions may include lacquer thinner, turpentine, WD-40 or denatured alcohol (also known as spirit). These items are easily available on every store where you can find woodworking power tools for sale. 

Kindly note that these solutions are extremely flammable so take a lot of care and exercise precautions while storing and using them. 

Available On Hardware Store 

As these solutions are general purpose cleaning substances, they are easily available on hardware retail stores and brick and mortar stores. You can also buy them online from various shopping portals such as eBay and Amazon. These solutions are organic in nature and can dissolve adhesives and other sticky substances in no time giving you a shining clean tool to work with.

How to Clean 

Cleaning your tools with organic solutions is no rocket science. You will simply need a cleaning solution, a pair of latex gloves and a clean and dry rag or wipe. Wear your latex gloves so the cleaning solution won’t touch your skin and then pour an appropriate amount of solution on rag or wipe. After soaking the rag with appropriate amount of solution, scrub the surface where gluey or sticky substance has made its home. Scrub softly until the dirt comes off the tool. 

Although you can use this process when there is a considerable amount of gunk on your tool but it is recommended to perform this activity every time you use your tools. This way you will ensure that your tools are clean and are giving their optimal performance. This way you can also increase the life of your woodworking power tools. 

For Stickier Gunk 

If you have got something more stubborn gunk on your tool that wont come off easily then use mineral spirits or acetone. However, keep in mind that these chemicals are much more dangerous than general purpose cleaning solutions. So, respect the chemicals and always wear gloves while using them. Keep them in dry and exercise caution at all times. It is also a good idea to use a mask during application as these chemicals are volatile.

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