Power tools have been around for ages and they have had a great impact on how we get things done. They have changed our day-to-day tasks, manufacturing procedures, productivity methods and almost anything we do. Here are some interesting facts about power tools: 

blog post 04 Interesting Facts about Power Tools

  • Power tools are used in every industry that exists including construction, routing, polishing, painting, cooking, manufacturing, sanding, shaping, cutting, drilling, cleaning, heating, gardening, farming, grinding, metalworking, woodworking and the list continues forever. 
  • The oldest power tool known to mankind is a Lathe Machine. In its early days it was used by ancient Egyptians and at that time it was operated manually. 
  • There is a misconception about pneumatic/air tools that they don’t belong to the category of power tools. Actually they do. For power tools, power doesn’t mean electricity. There is a whole list of powers that you can see in the next point. 
  • Power tools are powered by electricity, compressed air, gasoline, gasoline amalgams, external air, batteries, steam, windmills, water wheels and explosive cartridges. 
  • Power tools are the most dangerous among the lot and produce most noise and vibrations during operations. 
  • If the impact is for an extended period of time, the noise of power tools can potentially damage ear drums thus giving hearing loss. 
  • The noise levels above 85 dB can cause damage to the ears and many power tools are noisier during operation. Protective gear shall be used while using this type of power tools. 
  • Before 1930s power tools often had this metallic outer shell which was heavy and conductive. Many people faced injury due to this bad design. 
  • Power tools for professionals are different from the ones that are made for regular consumers and Do It Yourselfers. Professionals get a safer and earthed version of power tools. 

Now we have come so far that we have gigantic demolition tools, lathe machines, drillers, dill presses accessories and tons of other varieties that continue to blow our minds.

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