We have gone from land lines to cell phones, big desktop PCs to slim and smart laptops and this tradition of eliminating wires from our lives continues when it comes to gadgets and tools. We still use drill machines that come with a fat wire but at the same time we admire the convenience of cordless drills & drivers.

blog post 03 Increasing Popularity of Cordless Tools

 Why cordless is seeing such a massive increase in popularity? Reasons are actually quite clear: 

  • Infinite Reach – With cordless tools you don’t have to care about the location of AC supply and don’t have to bother with additional extensions. Just pick up the tool and take it to the desired work location without any annoyance. 
  • Portability – Because of the complete absence of wires, cordless tools offer much more portability and you can easily stuff them in your bag while preparing for travel. 
  • Compact Design – No wires means you get a comfortable ergonomic design that is light in weight and easier to hold. 
  • Increased Safety – With no wires attached to the tool and AC sockets, there is always a less chance of things going wrong like occurrence of short circuit, accidental fires etc. 
  • No Tripping – How many times have you tripped over a strangled wire? Many. This is obviously not the case with cordless tools as cordless blowers & vacuums, cordless caulking & grease guns have started gaining popularity with amateurs and professionals. 

Cordless tools subtract so many annoyances of tools with cords that they can’t be ignored or overlooked. The only downside is the battery running out and you don’t have the spare one. But if you do own a cordless tool, you should always be prepared to face such situations and be ready with chargers and spare batteries.

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