p air compressors Important Safety Tips For Pneumatic ToolsIt is very important to know how to handle pneumatic equipment as it runs on compressed air, otherwise it can create dangerous situations especially when using nails, jackhammer and pneumatic drills

Here are some very important safety tips and measures you should take before using pneumatic equipment:

  • Never use pneumatic equipment without reading usage instructions even if you have used the tool before. Take great care of reading safety instructions.
  • Never point pneumatic tools like staplers and nails towards any other human being. It can cause severe injuries if the person holding the equipment doesn’t know  how to handle it.
  • Safety equipment like safety glasses and gloves should be used while handling pneumatic equipments and if you have a helper, that person should also be taking safety measures.
  • To protect yourself from dust and debris, setup safety screens to protect people around you. Do not allow other people to go near the work place
  • Make sure that you maintain the pressure limitations prescribed by the manufacturer. and never go beyond the maximum limits otherwise it will cause a severe accident.
  • Pneumatic tools come with their own addons and attachments that are specifically for that tool. Never use any attachment or addon that does not properly fit with that tool.
  • Maintenance and service is essential for all pneumatic tools after every few days. To avoid them from getting jammed and clogged, clean and oil them properly.
  • Before switching between pneumatic tools, make sure you shut the compressed air equipment properly.
  • Never use air pressure to blow off dust and debris
  • Never mix hoses and fittings among different pneumatic tools.
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