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1812, 2015

ToolOrbit’s Holiday Gift Guide 2015

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Holidays are almost here – and for some of us they are already here. These few days will have it all, Christmas, New Year, family reunions, get-togethers and the most important tradition of the lot – exchanging of thoughtful gifts. We at ToolOrbit care about you. This fall we are bringing a gift guide that […]

212, 2014

Guide To Buy Quality Hand Tools – Levels & Pliers

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Although you can do the job of pliers with some  cheap power tools but hand tools cost nothing when compared to the cordless tools for sale and are far more reliable. Pliers are quite versatile as you can crimp, pry, clamp, hold and twist different materials/objects with them.  

You should know about the types of hands tools for sale in […]

2411, 2014

Guide To Buy Quality Hand Tools – Wrenches

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When you are looking for discount power tools, you should consider that whether your job can be done with a hand tool or not. Many tasks can be completed easily with a hand tool if you know how to work with your tool and hence you can save up a good chunk of money instead of […]

302, 2014

When Hand Tools Trump Power Tools

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There are both schools of thoughts where one praises the efficiency of power tools while other is full of appreciation for hand tools – latter being more conservative. Yes, power tools have eased up our lives even more and they prove to be more efficient than their manual counterparts. But there are certain instances where […]

2510, 2013

What Is Plasti dip And Its Application Instructions

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Plasti dip is a rubber coating chemical product that is used to plastic coat any finished product. This can be used for either industrial purpose or home decor. Plastidip coating can be removed easily and can be used by anyone as long as instructions are followed properly. It can be applied by spraying, brushing or […]

2509, 2013

What Are Bench Vises

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Can A Bench Vise Be A Very Useful Tool
A Bench Vise is a mechanical tool that holds a work piece stationary. It is a very useful tool in many metalworking and woodworking projects. Bench Vise is directly attached to work bend during an operation  like sawing, cutting, drilling, planing etc.
Bench Vise itself is made up […]

1909, 2013

How To Drill Better Holes

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 Too Much Force On The Drill:

While using a drill to make a hole, make sure not to put too much pressure.. Let the drill works its way. If you put too much force on the drill, there are chances that the bit will break.
 Start Small

In order to obtain the cleanest possible hole, start working with […]

1707, 2013

How to Plasti Dip Badges

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This is a short tutorial demonstrating how easy it is to use Plasti Dip to blackout your vehicle’s badges.


1707, 2013

Iphone dipping in plastidip clear coat

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Plastidip can coat and protect even your Iphone. We have dipped this Iphone with a powermat receiver so it can stay protected and charge at the same time ! see our “under water Iphone” vids for the results

1607, 2013

Rubber Coat Your Projects With Plastidip

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