There are both schools of thoughts where one praises the efficiency of power tools while other is full of appreciation for hand tools – latter being more conservative. Yes, power tools have eased up our lives even more and they prove to be more efficient than their manual counterparts. But there are certain instances where hand tools like balancers & lifting tools and cutters & pliers totally win over this battle.

 So what are these instances?blog post 02 When Hand Tools Trump Power Tools

 1.       Power Tools Need Power – Hand Tools Don’t

That is as obvious as it can get. Power tools can’t operate without a power source may it be a battery or AC connection. And there is always a chance of your battery running out of juice and putting a stop to your proceedings. 

That’s where hand tools laugh at power tools as they just need to be in human hands to be useful. It might not be a big deal in twenty first century but nobody knows when these crazy electrons might betray you.

 2.       Precision

Many aficionados will tell you that power tools are effective and efficient but when you want to achieve the pinnacle of precision it is usually a hand tool in the hands of a maestro that does the breath taking job. That’s why many carpenters still prefer using manual cutting tools that might sound a bit conservative but they know what they’re doing. 

3.       Hand Tools Are Reliable

This goes without saying that hand tools are more reliable and usually don’t have any maintenance costs. There are no electronic parts inside manual tools that might break down and cause the annoyance.  There are lesser breakdowns and uncertainties when you’re playing with hand tools. Because of the same reason pros always keep manual cutters and pliers in their bags – just in case!

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