HPS 01365 v2.0 preview Hand Tools Safety Tipsand tools may seen harmless but can cause very serious injuries to human body if not used with proper precaution.  These injuries be serious and fatal. Then can even cause to loose a body part..


Many type of injuries can be caused by hand tools:

  1. Just image a tool that is made to cut plastic, metal and wood, when slipped from your hand, what kind of injury it can cause to a human body. It can cause cuts, amputations and punctures
  2. Flying metal and wood debris can cause serious eye injuries and sometime cause permanent blindness.
  3. When tools slip or fall from height or may be thrown by careless employees can cause serious injuries like broken bones and bruises. A hammer can be a lethal weapon when dropped from top of a ladder by accident.
  4. Numbness in hands or arms can be caused by feeling continuous vibration. This may also cause irregular blood flow through-out the body.

tools Hand Tools Safety Tips

Remember the following safety instructions to avoid serious injuries:


  1.  Always make sure you select an appropriate tool that best fits your project requirement.
  2. Don’t use your wrench as a hammer
  3. Don’t use damaged and broken tools.
  4. Don’t use dull cutting tools. Always make sure that the cutting tools are sharp and the blades are not irregular in shape.
  5. Make sure your tool has an accessory with proper tip
  6. When making a cut, always cut it away from the body.
  7. Make sure that your foot and hand grip is firm when handling large and heavy tools.
  8. Tools must be carried securely in a tool belt or box. Tools should not be carried up the ladder. Always use a rope or holsters.
  9. When working at heights always keep a close track. A falling tool can cause serious injuries to co-workers.
  10. Never toss your tool towards another person.
  11. Use proper personal protection equipment like eye wear, steal toe boots, gloves and hard head.
  12. Never carry pointed or sharp edged tools in your pocket
  13. Store your tools properly after finished working.

By following the above instruction, you can help prevent injuries in your work place.

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