The most important topic to discuss is on how to maintain the tools that we work with. We never thought about:

  • Chisels Hand Tools Maintainance   Increases tool lifeWhich is the best oil to wipe and clean our tools?
  • Which is the best cloth to use to wipe off the oil and clean the tools?
  • Should we wipe down our tools every time we use our tools?

The atmosphere of Earth can cause corrosion to our hand tools made of metal. In order to increase life of your tools, you should should keep them clean and oiled after finishing off any project. It is always better to read instructions on how to use your handle tools and never abuse them in any ways. Example hitting the screw driver or chisel with a hammer as it will damage the sharpness required by your tool to perform.

 Here is a simple cleaning process:

  1. Fill out a large bucket with about 1 or 2 gallon of hot water and place all your tools in it.
  2. Place tools in the bucket of cleaning solution like pine-sole , and soak them for atleast 30 minutes.
  3. Wear rubber gloves and use the wire brush to scrub the tools to remove dirt and grease.
  4. Remove the tools from the bucket and dry clean them thoroughly with rags
  5. If any of your tools have rust, wipe them off with steal wool
  6. Most of the hand tools are rust resistant these days, but if any of your tools are susceptible to rust, it is recommended that about once every 6 months, you coat them with a thin coat of grease or oil, available at by pouring some on a soft rag and wiping them down. This will help prevent a buildup of rust.



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