hammer drills to buy Which Hammer Drill Is Good To BuyCordless drills are great tools to work with  but when you need to make big holes in concrete, 120 Volts corded Hammer Drills are required. With its switch-hitter feature, you can convert it from hammer to non-hammer mode which gives you the capability of making holes in concrete or wood with great ease.  You might think that this tool will be expensive and is only meant for contractors but its not.


DeWalt DW511 lg Which Hammer Drill Is Good To BuyDewalt DW511

Price: $99
Amps: 7.8
Max. RPM: 2700
Max. Blows/Minute: 46,000
Concrete: 4.67
Lumber: 1.56

Review: This is a great tool with efficient torque. It has a minimum kickback when little down force is applied.

Hitachi DV16V lg Which Hammer Drill Is Good To BuyHitachi DV16V

Price: $69.99
Amps: 6.0
Max. RPM: 2900
Max. Blows/Minute: 46,400
Concrete: 4.19
Lumber: 2.12

Review: It is one inch shorter than any average drill and 1/4 inch thinner. This reduces the weight forward feel and makes it well balanced.

Milwaukee 5378 20 lg Which Hammer Drill Is Good To BuyMilwaukee 5378-20

Price: $137.99
Amps: 7.5
Max. RPM: 2800
Max. Blows/Minute: 40,000
Concrete: 4.56
Lumber: 1.21

Review: Milwaukee is very powerful, long and heavy and due to its structure and configuration, it is considered as a industrial tool.  It has a very powerful speed motor just like a jet engine. This is a perfect tool to bore big and small holes.



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