When you are looking for discount power tools, you should consider that whether your job can be done with a hand tool or not. Many tasks can be completed easily with a hand tool if you know how to work with your tool and hence you can save up a good chunk of money instead of spending it on power tools for sale. 

One of the useful hand tools, apart from hammers and screwdrivers, is a wrench. An assortment of high quality wrenches can help you tighten or loosen threaded fasteners such as nuts, screws and bolts. Wrenches can be used for a vast variety of tasks so you need to be vigilant about your purchase. Basically there are 6 types of wrenches that are available in the market: 

  • Crescent Wrench
  • Box Wrench
  • Combo Wrench
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Offset Wrench
  • Line Wrench 

Wrench Set Guide To Buy Quality Hand Tools   Wrenches

  1. Crescent Wrenches: They are known as Crescent Wrenches because of their crescent moon shape, and have an open end and two gripping surfaces. While the end that is open is angled a bit askew from the straight handle of the wrench. In cramped spaces, Crescent Wrenches can come in quite handy as they can move fasteners slightly by alternating the opening from side to side. 
  2. Adjustable Wrenches: Adjustable wrenches have heads that are adjustable according to the size of the head of the fastener you need to tighten. These wrenches look like Crescent Wrenches because of the angled opening at the end of the handle but the head is quite large as compared to the Crescent Wrench to accommodate the mechanism of adjustment. Few of these adjustable wrenches, for example pipe wrenches, can be rocked back and forth for repositioning the tight hold on the head of the fastener which eliminates the need of removing it multiple times. 
  3. Box-End Wrenches: With Box-end wrenches you get an enclosed end that tightly grips the nut on each side. Box-end wrenches can be found in either 6 or 12 point versions. These wrenches do not slip over the head of the fastener in cramped spaces but the crescent wrenches do. And that’s why these wrenches require more space to get a grip of the fastener. 
  4. Combo Wrenches: Combo wrenches feature two wrench ends that are equal in size; however, generally one end has a box-end like shape while the other has a crescent end.
  5. Offset Wrenches: These wrenches are specially made to accommodate the knuckles of the person using the wrench by extending the end, crescent or box-end, half inch away from the wrench handle. 
  6. Line Wrenches: Line wrenches feature an end that is an amalgam of box-end and crescent. It helps to prevent the fastener from rounding-off but the line needs to be cut before the wrench can be removed. 

Now that you know about different types of wrenches that can become your reliable partner in the workshop, you can choose according to your job needs and demands. Remember, there will always be  power tools for sale to ease up your workload but some hand tools can’t be replaced by power tools and that’s why we still find the use for tools as basic as hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches.

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