Although you can do the job of pliers with some  cheap power tools but hand tools cost nothing when compared to the cordless tools for sale and are far more reliable. Pliers are quite versatile as you can crimp, pry, clamp, hold and twist different materials/objects with them.  

 Guide To Buy Quality Hand Tools – Levels & Pliers

You should know about the types of hands tools for sale in the market and pliers come in three different forms: 

Nose Pliers or Needle Nose Pliers 

Nose pliers are equipped with thin tapered noses to hold, pick or clamp small items in cramped spaces. Majority of the nose pliers come with straight and flat jaws, however, few manufacturers also provide ones with angular or curved jaws for special jobs and applications. 

Slip Joint Pliers 

These are the most common type of pliers with square jaws that can be adjusted according to the size of the object you want to hold or clamp. Although standard slip joint pliers come with couple of adjustments, tongue and groove pliers have multiple adjustments and jaws opening as wide as 5 inches. Tongue and groove pliers are also known as Channel Lock pliers which is basically a brand name that has become synonymous with this particular type of pliers. 

Locking Pliers 

Locking pliers have an option to lock an object while it’s in the grip of the jaw. These types of pliers actually act like a wrench or a vise and there is an adjustable spring mechanism in the grip that gives an option to the user to adjust the jaws according to the size of the object to be clamped. 


Levels are used to determine whether a particular plane is absolutely horizontal or absolutely vertical and are widely used in construction industry. Generally hand levels are made of different types of materials but have one thing in common – an enclosed vial of water or fluid with a medium sized bubble that is in clear vision of the user. There are two parallel lines on the vial and if the bubble sits right in between those lines it means that the plane is perfectly leveled horizontally or vertically. 

You can find hand levels in different lengths and sizes and there is a level with vial entrapped in a air tight housing that suspends from a thread or string. Benefit of the line level is that it can be stretched over large planes and areas that traditional levels can’t reach otherwise. 

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