Expert craftsmen buy Bosch power tools and other heavy duty power tools regularly for their demanding needs. However, every expert starts from the basics that more often than not initiate with hand tools. It may come as a surprise but, even at the highest level of craftsmanship, hand tools are used for routine tasks and minor jobs. You may buy DeWalt power tools like a champion but do you know the art of buying simple hammers? 

Hammer, is one of the most important hand tools, which still retains its significance in an era where cordless tools are becoming more and more popular every day. Hammers aren’t only used for pounding nails into concrete or wood. There are different types of hammers that can be used for various tasks: 

Hammers Guide To Buy Quality Hand Tools   Hammers

Nail Hammer
This is your traditional hammer that can be spotted easily and frequently. It has a metallic pounding surface on one side to drive the nail into the nailing surface while the other side usually comprises of a dual pronged claw that is used to pull the nail out. This metallic structure is attached to a long wooden or fiberglass shaft that acts as a grip.

Ball Peen Hammer
These are different from your traditional nail hammers and have a flat metallic head on one side and a metallic ball on the other. Flat side is used to pound metallic surfaces while the metallic ball is used to shape the round surfaces. These hammers are used for heavy duty jobs and it’s recommended to not use them as nail hammers.

Finishing Hammer
These are light weight hammers especially designed to drive small nails into light and delicate pieces of wood. These are comparatively smaller and lighter so they don’t damage the surface nails are being driven into. Light weight and smaller physical footprint gives the user more control and flexibility the job.

These are also called rubber hammers because they have a large head made of rubber instead of metal. These are used when you want to exert force on the surface without damaging it physically. Unlike metal the rubber bounces of the surface without damaging it while exerting the required force.

Sledge hammer is considerably larger and heavier than other types of hammers. It is a heavy duty hammer that can only be used with two hands. This hammer is basically used for demolition of concrete and drywalls.

Dead Blow Hammer
As the name suggests, it is used to deliver a deadly blow. They are made from different materials other than the steel. Like other hammers it doesn’t rebound off the surface. When you hit the surface, it stays hit.

When buying hammers; remember that the best hammers come with a fiberglass shaft along with rubber padded handles. Fiberglass absorbs the shock better than any other material (steel, wood etc) and rubber padding provides a better grip as user only feels a minimum jerk. Fiberglass is also a very strong material so hammers with fiberglass shafts rarely break or get damaged.

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