grinder tools Safety Tool Tip For Using GrindersWhen using grinders, wear proper eye protection and clothing and make sure that the grinder guard is between you and the object. This is done to protect yourself from debris that might be sharp or hot. When removing paint or rust from the metal, it is recommended to use wire cup brushes or wire wheels. Use light pressure when using brush so that only the tips are touching the object. This helps on brush wear and makes less markings on the metal.

Sanding disks  must be carefully selected to produce best results. Sanding disks with grits 30 and below: are used to remove paint and to smooth irregular surfaces; 36 to 80 rough sanding; 100-120: to remove scratched from previous disk usage; 150 and above for painting, polishing and waxing smooth surfaces. By controlling the pressure on the grind and keeping an angle 10 to 15 degrees between the wheel and the object will produce efficient results.  If the angle is not maintained, the grinder might kick back. and the pressure will be applied only on a small area that can burn the work area.

Angle grinder is a very versatile and tough tool that grinds, sands and sharpens. Angle grinders can be very useful in household projects. Grinders can be used to sharpen blades, remove paint and rust from metal.  Most grinders accept 4 ½”. A 4 ½” wheel. To obtain best results always maintain an angle of 10 – 15 degrees between the wheel and the object. 

Grinding Wheels: Most angle grinders contain aluminum oxide which is specially developed for metal.  If you are planning to remove paint or rust from metal use wire brushes and a silicon carbide disk when using on concrete projects.

Always make sure that you use safety equipment to protect yourself from any accidents and follow all instructions carefully to get best results.

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