When you are looking to buy hand tools, you don’t have to ponder on tons of features and advantages of the tool as they are very few and limited. On the other hand, when you decide to buy woodworking power tools or similar gadgets, you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of different products. 

Same applies to the power nailers as they come in various varieties and flavors. So, what are some of the most common features of power nailers? Here we go:

dewalt dcn690 blog Features of Power Nailers

Modes of Nail/Fastener Firing 

Automatic Trigger – These nailers fire the nails when you put the nailer on the nailing surface and pull the trigger. Problem with these nailers is that they can fire multiple nails at once, so there is a small learning curve for beginners or the craftsmen who haven’t used this type of nailer before. With a little practice you can master the skill of perfection.

One-shot trigger – These nailers use the same abovementioned technique to drive the nails or fasteners into the nailing surface, however, they are a little bit different in a way that they fire only a single nail at one trigger pull. One of the best examples would be an office stapler. 

Bounce Release – In these nailers, operator needs to hold down the trigger and then bounce the nailer on the nailing surface to drive a nail or fastener. For general use, this is the best type of nailer.

Trigger Adjustment – These nailers are functionally more flexible as they allow the operator to set the number of nails to be fired at a single trigger pull. You can adjust the number of fasteners according to the nature of your work.

Adjustable Depth

This is the feature that allows the operator to set the depth the nail will drive into the nailing surface. Using these settings, a craftsman can make the nails or fasteners protrude, sink or even flush out of the nailing surface. Few nailers can be adjusted manually while others require accessories for depth adjustment.

Protective or Safety Guards

Craftsmen who use and buy woodworking power tools should be wary of the dangers and risks of using nailers and other power tools. Safety guards protect the operator from flying objects and debris. With usage, these guards wear quickly so buy a nailer with protective guards that are easily replaceable. 

Nail or Fastener Size Adjustment 

It is an important feature of a power nailer as tradesmen may need to change the nail size various times during his work depending on the nature of the work. Nail size can be easily adjusted with few accessories. 

Adjustable Exhaust Plates

This feature gives operator control over the exhaust direction of the power nailer. This proves to be an important feature when you are working in a dusty environment and don’t want a cloud of dust in your face.

Other features of power nailers include jam clearing that makes the maintenance of nailers much more convenient, large triggers that are easier to use with gloves and carrying cases that make portability a lot handier.

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