Too Much Force On The Drill:

While using a drill to make a hole, make sure not to put too much pressure.. Let the drill works its way. If you put too much force on the drill, there are chances that the bit will break.

 Start Small

In order to obtain the cleanest possible hole, start working with the smallest bit and work your way up to the desired size of bit with required diameter. This might take longer but you will make the cleanest hole. This process is faster with metals.

 Use Oil & Go Slow When Working With Metal

When making a hole through a metal, always set the speed of the drill slow and use oil while making a hole. Oil acts as a lubricant and helps to keep the temperature of the bit to low. There are various type of oils for specific material but any household oil with sufficient viscosity will work for small projects.

Select Right Bit For Specific Projects

If you select an appropriate bit recommended for specific projects and use it properly, will last longer and product quality results.

Tread Carefully!

When drilling a hole in a hard material with a high powered hand-drill be very careful due to high torque which can actually rip the drill out of your hands. You can use a right angle attachment and grip it firmly but not to tight.In case the bit gets stuck, you should let it go as it is the safest action otherwise you might damage your wrist.

 Sharp Bits

Always keep your bits sharp and only use it for the material it is recommended for. While using it, don’t let it heat up too much. If it does, stop for a little while till it cools down.  Buy a drill sharpener if possible as it helps to increase the life of the bit.

Discard Board


When drill through a piece of wood, it can create splinters and chips. These can be very dangerous. You can place a board that can be discarded later underneath the working wood piece to avoid this situation. This is a good practice when using hand drills and press drills. It helps to produce a cleaner hole.

Setting Bit In Chuck


If the bit is not set properly into the chuck, it will not rotate properly and there will be a wobble in the motion. It will make it difficult to work with and might even break the bit.



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