The ToughSystem L-Cart (DWST08210)

DeWalt DWST08210 lg DeWalt ToughSystem DWST08210It was extremely the DWST08210 L-Cart that created the full system worthwhile on behalf of me. All of the various standard systems on the market square measure terribly similar in perform, however they disagree in style. they’re all stackable and might lock along in any order, and that they all supply transportation carts. The ToughSystem, however, is that the solely system which will load and unload the boxes in any order from a cart while not having to unstack the boxes.

If i need the box on very cheap, I will merely slide it out. however is that this possible? The L-Cart has adjustable brackets that hold and suspend the boxes in mid-air. The brackets do an honest job of holding the burden of loaded boxes although they’re manufactured from plastic, although for the worth of the L-Cart, I expected them to be created out of metal. Handles on the edges of the boxes hold them onto the L-Cart brackets throughout transport and there’s very little worry of them somehow jumping off. If you needed a trifle of additional holding security, there’s a lever on the rear of the L-Cart which will be engaged to latch every box to the L-Cart. If that’s still not enough, you’ll add associate degree actual lock onto the lever, to lock every box to the L-Cart. although the boxes will be fastened to the L-cart i’d not trust it for future security. when shut examination I detected that it may well be attainable to slip the boxes out of the latch mechanism if the bracket that holds the boxes is broken and removed.

The main body of the L-Cart is formed out of metal. it’s pretty buirdly and will be able to handle jobsite abuse. The facet rails have holes that square measure spaced on the peak and these square measure accustomed hold the adjustable brackets in situ. you’ll move the brackets, or add a lot of brackets to match your box desires. One very nice feature of the L-Cart is that the ability to fold up the tongue while not the necessity for tools. This feature saves plenty of house within the back of the truck. the rear handle can even be somewhat collapsable down, however it needs tools. The specs list the L-Cart as having the ability to handle material up to 260 lbs., however i’m unsure if they’re concerning the tongue of the cart or its total weight limit. i do know that it had no drawback handling all of my tools.

DeWalt ToughSystem DWST08210


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