Small ToughSystem Box (DWST08201)

DeWalt DWST08201 lg DeWalt ToughSystem DWST08201The smallest of the ToughSystem Boxes is concerning a similar size as a customary conductor tool cabinet and measures roughly 21-1/2″W x 12-1/2″D x 6-1/4″H outside dimensions. It may be used as a little tool case, however it includes a complete of eight little components containers that additionally build it an excellent jobsite screw box. after all there’s additionally the choice to get rid of a number of of the tiny components containers and use it for each at a similar time. The lid of the DWST08201 additionally incorporates a inbuilt little components organizer. A latch releases this additional compartment that has lidded dividers which will hold drill bits, pencils, etc. there’s additionally some area between the dividers wherever I actually have been keeping my little attention kit. The compartments within the lid extremely area unit a bonus as a result of its real task is to stay the yellow little components containers showing neatness in situ and to confirm the contents don’t combine.

DeWalt ToughSystem DWST08201


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