dewalt power tools DEWALT   Cordless Power ToolsDewalt power tools are renowned for the long lasting power available in their cordless line of tools. Cordless power tools are great for those situations where conventional electricity is not available. The extended life battery that comes standard with the cordless line of Dewalt power tools stays strong longer than other batteries for cordless power tools. Add in the durability and easy accessory swapping that Dewalt power tools offers and you will see why they are so popular. Dewalt power tools are built for heavy-duty applications.

The design and shape of cordless power tools makes then fit into areas where corded power tools will not. In many cases, this leads to a sacrifice of turning strength from the motor. Dewalt power tools makes larger voltage cordless power tools to deliver more power for your job. Dewalt cordless power tools are the ones most often selected by professionals. Their dependability and ability to perform heavier work than most of the other lines of cordless tools is the reason for this. When doing repetitive work like hanging sheet rock, drill bits for driving the screws holding the sheet rock in place, tend to wear out and need replacement often.

The quick-change heads of Dewalt power tools make this an easy task to accomplish with minimum slowing of the work being performed. Dewalt power tools offers a nice line of cordless screwdrivers and variable speed drills. The power ratings range from 7.2- volt motors up to 24-volt motors delivering the type of power you need. A variable speed drill is used to make a variety of different size holes from very tiny ones used to enable nails and screws to be driven without splitting the wood to large ones used for installing door knob assemblies. When using a variable speed drill, start your drilling slowly to allow the bit time enough to get firmly seated in the hole. This will lessen the chance of the bit jumping when higher speeds are applied which might cause you to drill something you did not want to have drilled. Dewalt power tools offer a full range of both corded and cordless tools. Their durability and easy ability to change accessories makes them highly desired for professionals.

Dewalt power tools deliver in work conditions where other power tools fail. The only drawback I can see to this magnificent line of cordless tools is their weight. Having larger voltages to deliver more power means larger battery packs and larger motors as well. If you have to use one of these heavy cordless power tools all day, you will feel like you have done an intensive workout. Because this is a superior product, you can expect to pay a superior price for it as well. While you will see sales for the combo packs available in store ads, you may notice that these are the lighter weight tools. They will perform the work desired in most situation, but for the really heavy duty applications the heavy duty power tools will command a heavy duty price tag.



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