Makita HM0870C lg Demolition Hammer Hitting Hard with Makita HM0870C The Makita 11 lb. Demolition Hammer, SDS-MAX, var. spd., case HM0870C comes ready with a side handle, bit grease, a cleaning cloth, and a Makita tool case to carry your demolition hammer and all it’s accessories in. This Makita Demolition Hammer is designed to be hard hitting with less overall weight making it ideal for horizontal work. In addition, the constant speed control automatically applies the additional power needed to support the motor, while also working to maintain consistent speed under load, which works to complete the most challenging projects most efficiently.

Another great feature of the HM0870C is that it allows greater versatility, thanks to the hammer’s variable speed control, which enables the user to customize the hammer’s speed to each individual application. To round out it’s new and improved features, the HM0870C has a soft start that suppresses a start-up reaction, ultimately offering superior control and accuracy.


Now With Automatic Brushes

L.E.D. is featured in this hammer to support the operator in a couple of different ways for servicing and maintaining the tool. Firstly, the L.E.D. has a service light for notifying the user, approximately 8 hours before the brushes need replacing and secondly, the L.E.D. light alerts the operator to indicate a switch failure or cord damage. Furthermore, this demo hammer is engineered with extended life brushes, which allows the HM0870C to get more overall work accomplished in between it’s service intervals, ultimately leading to less downtime. Additionally, an automatic brush cut-off, also protects the commutator from damage and allows a longer tool life. Also, 12 bit angle settings allow the bit to be set at various differing positions for the operator’s convenience. Finally, Makita emphasizes ergonomics in the design of the HM0870C as well, offering a rubberized soft grip for added comfort and control.
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