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1812, 2015

ToolOrbit’s Holiday Gift Guide 2015

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Holidays are almost here – and for some of us they are already here. These few days will have it all, Christmas, New Year, family reunions, get-togethers and the most important tradition of the lot – exchanging of thoughtful gifts. We at ToolOrbit care about you. This fall we are bringing a gift guide that […]

2407, 2015

Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2015

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Those of you who have been waiting for new range of Milwaukee power tools, ToolOrbit has got a great news! Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2015 was held on June 16th and 17th where the celebrated manufacturer revealed what it has got for us in near future.

Continuing the tradition, Milwaukee introduced some really innovative and amazing products […]

1302, 2015

Difference between Cement, Mortar & Concrete

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This article isn’t for the folks who buy cordless tools and other fancy stuff; instead this article addresses the ones who buy hand tools like masons and laborers who are in construction and structures business. If you are in construction, then it is important to know about the different materials used to build houses, buildings […]

3001, 2015

DeWalt Announces New Brushless Rotary Hammers

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If you regularly buy DeWalt power tools, there is good news waiting for you as DeWalt plans to launch its new range of brushless rotary hammers with 20 Volt Max 5.0 Ampere Hour (Ah) batteries. These new introductions are really intriguing in many ways as DeWalt is giving the status of flagships.

First of all, more […]

501, 2015

ToolOrbit’s Choice of Best Drills of 2014

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2014 is now a part of our past and the power tool technology has advanced even further putting tradesmen, craftsmen and laborers into a more convenient position. In the beginning of this new year, the team at ToolOrbit wants to take a look back at tools that proved to be best during the last year. […]

1812, 2014

Which Circular Saw Blades To Buy

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Circular saw blades are the parts that are responsible for transferring the mechanical output from the motor in the form of rotational force that cuts through lumber. If you have a great blade, you can go through your project smoothly, otherwise you may see a lot of hiccups left and right which wouldn’t only frustrate […]

1710, 2014

Why Cordless Tools Are Replacing Corded Ones

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There is no denying that cordless tools are the next big thing and that’s exactly why we see every retail store, online shopping portal, brick and mortar store offering cordless tools for sale. These are not cheap tools by any means but still they have gained immense popularity among professionals and enthusiasts.
These days if a […]

402, 2014

Increasing Popularity of Cordless Tools

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We have gone from land lines to cell phones, big desktop PCs to slim and smart laptops and this tradition of eliminating wires from our lives continues when it comes to gadgets and tools. We still use drill machines that come with a fat wire but at the same time we admire the convenience of […]

2210, 2013

Choosing A Cordrless Grinder

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The world of professional power tools are moving towards cordless tools. The biggest advantage is that you can have portable tools and you are not dependent of corded power source. The battery technology is improving day by day with better quality with longer lasting life.
Grinders have been fitted with batteries for a while but do […]

1508, 2013

Milwaukee Hackzall M12 Cordless Recip Saw Review

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