clean power tools How To Clean Power ToolsIt is very important to clean your power tools. It can help the tool to function properly and increases its durability. Use proper oil and grease if your power tool can accumulate rust and only if it is instructed by the manufacturer


The steps you need to take to clean your power tools as below?

  1. You must wear heavy duty gloves when handling power tools, especially  the ones that have sharp edges.
  2. You should always read cleaning & maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer of your power tool
  3. You must disconnect and remove power cords from the electric outlet. This is very important to avoid accidents.
  4. If you are using any power tools that collects saw dust, use a blower  to spray out all the dust or debris accumulated within the grooves and crevices.
  5. Fill up a large bucket with hot water. May be 1 or 2 gallons of water or enough depending on the number of tools you are cleaning. Add commercial cleaner like pine-sol in the water as instructed by the manufacturer.
  6. Wet a cleaning rag with the cleaning solution so it is just damp. It should not be dripping wet. Wipe the tool thoroughly and avoid getting the water inside the casing or power cord connection.
  7. Dry thoroughly with a water absorbent rag.
  8. Use a toothbrush and clean around the switches to make sure there is no dirt that that can power tool cleaning2 How To Clean Power Toolscause the switches not to function properly.
  9. Wipe down the cord with dry rag and make sure that the cord is not damaged or cut from any where. Otherwise replace it.
  10. Check any exposed metal parts of the tool for rust. If there is any rust, remove it by rubbing briskly with the steel wool.

Make sure you never emerge any power tool in the water and never try to clean it while connected. in the electricity.

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