Circular saw blades are the parts that are responsible for transferring the mechanical output from the motor in the form of rotational force that cuts through lumber. If you have a great blade, you can go through your project smoothly, otherwise you may see a lot of hiccups left and right which wouldn’t only frustrate you but could ruin your project altogether. You can find these blades at stores where refurbished power tools and accessories are available.

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But first things first, let’s see what constitutes a circular saw blade:

  • Tip

Tip is the most significant constituent of the circular blade as it cuts through the lumber and should be strong enough to go through hard dense pieces of wood.

  • Shoulders

Shoulders are there to hold and support the tips so they keep the performance at optimum levels all the time.

  • Gullets

Gullets are responsible for removing material from the lumber or work piece. With every rotation or pass gullets remove a larger amount of material. For finer cuts, manufacturers also offer circular blades with shallower gullets.

  • Expansion Slots

Expansion slots are there to prevent the blade from warping as the material expands and contracts multiple times during the operation. They also help in providing a straighter cut while decreasing the amount of vibration so the operator can steadily hold onto the saw.

Circular saw blades also come with heat vents to reduce the amount of vibration and heat. Some blades also feature antifriction coating which prevents buildup on the material. Most blades on the market are toothed but if you need cut harder materials than wood such as concrete or marble, continuous rim blades are a better choice. DeWalt manufactures high quality circular blades and you can get them from any place where there is a sign of DeWalt power tools for sale.


To manufacture blades that can be used for different purposes, OEMs use various materials.

Steel Blades

These are most common and least expensive blades that can cut soft wood easily. However, denser wood decreases their performance and life considerably.

Some OEMs offer an elevated version of steel blades that is called High Speed Steel (HSS) blades but are harder and their teeth stay sharp for a long time.

Carbide Blades

Carbide blades come with carbide tips that are attached to their teeth. They are quite expensive when compared to the normal steel blades or HSS blades but are stronger and much more reliable as the blades keep their sharpness for quite a long time.

Diamond Blades

These blades are used to cut glass, concrete and ceramic and have diamond tipped teeth which makes them ultimately stronger than any other blades.

These different types of blades mentioned above are used for different purposes and to cut different materials, so you should consider your usage before buying the blade. Buying carbide blades for cutting soft lumber would be overkill and your investment wouldn’t be worth the money. Similarly, if you buy steel blades to cut ceramic, you would be wasting your money. Take a look at what you are going to do and make a smart decision.

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