For woodworking related projects, circular saw is a very essential tool. It is comparatively inexpensive, tough and is suitable for almost any project. To achieve finesse in the project, there are few things and precaution to consider. Here are some tips that you can adapt during your next upcoming project:

circular saw usage 1 Using Circular Saw ?Eye Safety Glasses

Chips fly and cause serious damage to your vision, so it is recommended to use safety glasses while using circular saw


circular saw usage 2 Using Circular Saw ?Cord kept Clear

When working with a 8 foot long plywood, it is easy for the cord to get tangled around the ends of the sheet and then you have to stop in the middle of the cut. This creates a notch when you restard the cut. Always make sure the cord is out of your way while making a cut.

  circular saw usage 4 Using Circular Saw ?Selecting The Right Blade

Circular saw blades come in different variety depending on the material being use and the type of project. Make sure you select the right and appropriate saw blade. Also make sure that it is rotating the right direction.

circular saw usage 5 Using Circular Saw ?Making a Line

To produce a perfect cut, it is good to make a line to guide you through a cut. Always measure both ends and draw a line with a chalk  But if you are in a hurry, you can use a tap measure and sliding your pencil down the length of the board.

 circular saw usage 7 Using Circular Saw ?Getting Comfortable With The Saw

 Various saws have different markings.They indicate to where the blade is going to go. Learn your tool perfectly, and consider the slit made by the cut


 circular saw usage 8 Using Circular Saw ?Making A Notch

If you require to make a notch and don’t have proper tools, you can use your circular saw and a chisel.  Set your depth and make several cuts that are close to each other. Then break away the pieces with the chisel and you have a notch.

 circular saw usage 9 Using Circular Saw ?Keep Hands Away From Blade

Don’t be casual around this tool even though it has a sliding guard around the blade. Be very careful and keep your hands away from the blade.


circular saw usage 10 Using Circular Saw ?Move Forward

When cutting with the circular saw, always make a cut while moving the saw away from the body .



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