DeWalt DCK675L lg Choosing A Cordrless Grinder

The world of professional power tools are moving towards cordless tools. The biggest advantage is that you can have portable tools and you are not dependent of corded power source. The battery technology is improving day by day with better quality with longer lasting life.

Grinders have been fitted with batteries for a while but do you know what to look for when choosing a cordless grinder. You should know which grinder is best suited for your application so you can accomplish your task with perfection. You should know which one will give you balance power and performance with the battery charge.

Even though cordless grinders have been viewed as tools but they are only required if you have a real quick job like few small cuts or remove burrs from a piece of machine work. The power rating on your cordless battery is very important. Makita and Bosch are supplied with 3Ah 18v batteries while Dewalt is supplied with a NiMH battery, but it’s still 18v, while offering a slightly lower power rating of 2.6Ah.

Using a cordless grinder evolves a certain level of risk as you will be using a machine that will be spinning an abrasive disc or cutter moving on an extremely high speed. Working your grinder too hard can shatter your disk or blade or even jam your motor. Keeping this in mind your grinder should be equipped with some kind of diagnostic support equipment. For example it could be a fan to keep the temperature of the motor low or thermal overload cut off switch. Also your grinder should be very flexible to select different sizes cutters and blades that would best suit your job. 

Dewalt 6 Cordless Tool Kits and Makita Cordless Grinders are very popular and dependable. They are well equipped with safety support and diagnostic equipments. 



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