Porter Cable CFFC350C lg The Benefit of Air Tools vs. Electric ToolsAir Superiority

Home Improvement battles are not won with a single weapon however rather with the proper combination of tools.

As with modern warfare collection is that the key.

Many homeowners still understand that air tools area unit designed for flight decks and pit crews, however the tide is setting out to flip. there are actually many practical home uses for air compressors.

The 3 main reasons why a growing variety of do-it-yourselves area unit propulsion the plug on the electrical tools in exchange for air tools.

1. Power to Weight

One of the largest blessings that air tools have over electric-powered tools is that thy don’t need their own motors. Instead, one compressor motor converts voltage into K.E..

Air tools deliver additional torque and better revolutions per minute than AN electric-powered tool, satisfactory uses to accomplish their tasks additional quickly and effectively.

The power-to-weight magnitude relation is far higher, as a result, air tools area unit smaller, lighter, and easier to handle. you’ll be able to store 10 air tools within the same space as 3 to four electric-power tools.

2. Value

Accordingly to homeowner’s World Health Organization switched to gas tools, there’s AN initial compressor investment, however the cheap air tools and accessories quickly offset the another expense.

When you obtain AN compressor, you are obtaining one powerful motor rather than a dozen little very little motors that fail. Air tools area unit significantly less costly and last plenty longer then electric-powered tools.

3. Skillfulness

Whether you are inflating tires and cartilage pools or building elaborate decks, air tools area unit and easy-to interchange different to electric-powered tools.

Homeowners use a range of air tools for various tasks, as well as impact wrench, spray gun, end worker, angle worker and ratchet wrench. householders love the simplicity of getting one power supply for of these tools.

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