Kaufhof AVB 1391 lg What Are Bench VisesCan A Bench Vise Be A Very Useful Tool

A Bench Vise is a mechanical tool that holds a work piece stationary. It is a very useful tool in many metalworking and woodworking projects. Bench Vise is directly attached to work bend during an operation  like sawing, cutting, drilling, planing etc.

Bench Vise itself is made up of several components. The component that is responsible to hold the work piece is called “jaws”. There are 2 jaws, one is fixed and the other one is moveable parallel to the fixed one with a screw mechanism to hold the work piece. Jaws are made of wood, metal or plastic depending on the project requirement. Jaws can be replaced over a period of time when they get worn out.

Bench vises vary depending on their durability, strength and project. For industrial usage, heavy duty & medium duty vises are used. Heavy Duty vises are usually made of heavy metal to be able to withstand industrial power.

Medium Duty vises are made of iron with replaceable steel top jaws.
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