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2603, 2015

How to Service the Poppet and Diaphragm Assembly of Air Regulator

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When you buy air tools you need to take extreme care of them. Without maintenance and proper care, air tools deteriorate at a quick pace and may become faulty and inefficient. When you see air tools for sale in a retail store your eyes might light up but don’t forget that every pneumatic tool you’re […]

3101, 2014

Advantages of Air Tools

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Air tools, also known as pneumatic tools, are gaining traction all around the globe because of number of reasons. That is why we can see an increasing number of people using Portable Air Compressors, Air Drills & Drivers, Pneumatic Air Grinders and other air tools. They make an equally good cause for amateurs, Do It […]

407, 2013

Safety Tips For Sanders

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Both disk sanders and belt sanders can be dangerous for health and cause serious burns if not used properly. We suggest that the user be trained to use it.

When using Sanders, apply limited pressure and let the tool work its way. If you require excessive pressure, you need to replace the sanding paper more often.
When […]

2305, 2013

Pin Nailers

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Nailers are available in numerous types, and brands. Each type of Nailer has a specific purpose. Some are used for thinner and lighter material while others are used for heavy duty strong material.  Below you will find some common Nailers that are used for day to day projects:
Roofing nailers – As the name speaks for […]

905, 2013

Recommended Trim Compressors

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Trim compressors are very handy because of their portability and are most beneficial in projects that don’t require much air flow or pressure. Trim compressors are always selected for small jobs with staplers and nailers & airbrushes.
Trim compressors are new comes in air compressor family but have been really capturing creativity and usage. You can […]

705, 2013

Important Safety Tips For Pneumatic Tools

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It is very important to know how to handle pneumatic equipment as it runs on compressed air, otherwise it can create dangerous situations especially when using nails, jackhammer and pneumatic drills. 
Here are some very important safety tips and measures you should take before using pneumatic equipment:

Never use pneumatic equipment without reading usage instructions even if […]

2803, 2013

Hands-On: Makita Cordless Palm Sander

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It’s funny when you witness yourself becoming a supporter of the horse and buggy when you see an automobile go zipping by. When Makita sent us their LXOB01 18v cordless sander, I let it sit for a while because I “knew” it would be a dud. This was not the case.
The cordless sander does have limitations that a […]

1503, 2013

Nail Gun Buying Guide

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When you need to drive in a nail, nothing beats a hammer. There’s even a convenient claw on the other end to correct any mishaps. But when you need to drive a lot of nails in a short amount of time, nothing beats a power nailer. A quality power nailer can sink thousands of nails […]

2102, 2013

Best Tools Of The Year!

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Since lathe being oldest power tool till the prime source of a water wheel and steam engine, the introduction of the electric motor in the 1880s has revolutionized the world of woodworking. Having a wide range of experience in manufacturing, DeWalt, Bosch, Makita and Hitachi have brought technological advances and greater efficiency to the industry. […]

1402, 2013

Buy Hand Tools & Reconditioned Tools

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Hands tools are often required for any DIY enthusiast. Hands tools can involve everything from woodworking to assist small garden tools. Tools are electric controlled and could have engines. Hands tools are most likely more difficult but that doesn’t mean that they’re less helpful. Indeed, you will find an accumulation of both hands and tools […]