When a carpenter buys woodworking power tools, safety is the last thing on his mind. In the anticipation and excitement of using a new tool, he’s completely oblivious of the idea that the power tool he just bought can cause some serious physical and property damage as he is planning artsy and crafty projects in his head. But the reality can’t be denied that most of the woodworking power tools for sale can be quite dangerous to the operator, bystanders and his property.

 3 Most Dangerous Woodworking Tools


Before making a jump to the list of the dangerous tools, we need to get it out of the way that the most dangerous tool in any carpentry is the operator or the user himself. The safest power tool on the planet can become a dangerous one if not used according to the safety guidelines. That’s why every smart professional woodworker urges others to read the given instructions and follow the safety guidelines.


I have also seen craftsmen using wobbly table saws and problematic power tools without getting them inspected and duly repaired. Imperfect tools can be quite dangerous to use so they shall be avoided at any cost. Now, here is the list of 3 most dangerous woodworking power tools you’ve been eagerly waiting for:




Table saw is a part of almost every woodworking shop and it is one of the most frequently used power tool in the woodworking industry around the globe. With a big blade, it poses a great threat to the operator and hence deserves a lot of respect from the user. Table saws should always be used with all the safety measures in the world and according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Failing to do so might result in unfavorable consequences.




Shaper, as the name suggests, is used to shape the timber to make different stuff. It has got big bits with huge blades that are enough to scare anybody. When using shapers, carpenters need to stay out of the ‘danger zone’ and follow the instructions given by the OEM. In case of any confusion, seek professional help instead of trying to sort out issues on your own.




A gigantic moving and roaring blade invites nothing but destruction for anything that comes in its way. Chainsaws are extremely useful power tool for cutting large pieces of timber and chopping down big trees but they need to be used with some respect, otherwise they can wreak havoc. All the maintenance shall be carried out after removing the power cord from the socket.

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